All photos displayed on this site are for the sole enjoyment and purchase relative to participants, friends, family members and/or fans of participants (herein referred to as subjects) which have been photographed (directly and/or indirectly) during various events. Events include, but are not limited to; Public Sporting Events, Informal Weddings, Concerts, Religious Events, School Events, etc.. All proceeds from prints offered on this site are the property of Photos by Soto.

Subjects photographed and displayed on this site hereby grant Photos by Soto the irrevocable and unrestricted right to post photographs for sale of prints offered throughout this site — unless subjects specify otherwise in writing.

Photos by Soto photographs events under undue burden; which exempts Photos by Soto from obtaining a signed release from subjects being photographed. In general, Photos by Soto offers prints of images on this site to the subjects of events. In fact, very few of the images offered on this site are actually purchased by anyone other than the subjects of the events.

Photographs sold to news-media where “exclusive rights” have been obtained will not be published on this site. Additionally, photographs sold to news-media will be used in an editorial manner related to an article or as a filler with a caption that relates an accurate and true description of the photograph.
All subjects displayed on this site hereby release Photos by Soto from all claims and liability relating to said photographs.

Subjects photographed who do not agree with the terms listed above, must immediately contact Photos by Soto (using the contact link provided above) and ask that the image no longer be displayed on this web-site (Cease & Desist). Failure to do so constitutes acceptance of the aforementioned.

To have photographs removed from this site, subjects must provide the event-gallery (and image number) to be removed. Additionally, subjects must also provide a legitimate e-mail address in order to confirm the validity of the request. Upon confirmation, the photograph will be immediately removed from this site and the image-file permanently deleted.

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